The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing.

For the past few months I had intended on starting a blog, but never accomplished such a task…until now.  I find that the things I experience in my life are worth sharing, hopefully to offer others the same enjoyment as I endure every day. I have two favorites place: an open road, and my kitchen, and those two spots offer me endless happiness. I love to explore the small, but beautiful, town I call home. For now, I live in a top floor duplex apartment, transformed from a 1920’s house. My kitchen obviously isn’t as ideal as those seen on Food Network or the Cooking Channel, but it has proven to be functional. I spend as much time in that room as I possibly can; I put the tunes on, preheat the oven, and see where the recipes take me.

In addition to my love for baking and cake decorating, I am an avid outdoors-woman. I find nothing better than an afternoon adventure down an uncrowded road seeking out new, interesting, and beautiful things.

I have started this blog in hopes to get my voice out and about. I am an aspiring editor, and I have decided this may help. I look forward to readers, comments, and sharing my experiences with those that could potentially stumble upon this blog. Until next time…

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