Seattle Bakeries Adventure

Yes, it has been ages since I have written, but doesn’t everybody get busy sometimes? I have been working 2 jobs, as well as taking college classes and unfortunately was forced to put my writing on the back burner.

The good news? Class is over, and work has been slowing down. Which means, I have a happy and clean home, a beautiful and bright kitchen, and a whole lot more time to bake and eat!

Recently, I took my first trip to Seattle, Washington. I have lived in Washington state for two years, and have never had the opportunity to experience the flavor of downtown Seattle.

I told my accomplices the objectives for the day:

1. Visit every bakery we possible could. Take photos at each bakery….and eat!

2. Visit CakeSpy Shop, run by CakeSpy Jessie Oleson, my idol.

Our first stop, The Confectional, a shop devoted entirely to cheesecake. The Confectional offered miniature cheesecakes of  tantalizing flavors including Key Lime, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I chose the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake; a chocolate pastry crust with layers of peanut butter, and chocolate swirled cheesecake.

The cheesecake truffles, also featured at The Confectional, were the most beautiful little balls of cheesecake dipped in chocolate I had ever seen. Absolutely to die for, figuratively of course.

Our next stop, and by far my favorite, was a quaint French bakery, Le Panier. The atmosphere was almost as delicious as the treats; the bakery was warm and calm and full of fresh bread and pastry smells.

Of all the selections, I picked the classic choice, a crossiant. I also asked for an Orange macaron with chocolate ganache filling.

My last purchase, was made at PiroshkyPiroshky, a Russian bakery. Now, you should know, I have an absolute obsession with the combination of cheese and bread. I figure that I could eat cheddar cheese bagels or buns for the rest of my life, if  only my jean size would allow it. PiroshkyPiroshky offered sweet and savory choices, many delicious things I had never heard of. I chose a Cheese and Onion garlic roll, to feed my obsession.

After adventuring around the Pike Place Market a bit longer, full to the brim with flour, eggs, and sugar,  it was time to make my visit to CakeSpy. Jessie Oleson, the mastermind behind CakeSpy, is a freelance writer and illustrator who has devoted herself to the delicious in life. We visited the CakeSpy shop, viewing the cute artwork and taking photos in front of the store window. Unfortunately, CakeSpy herself wasn’t in the shop that day, but her store manager welcomed me to take a photo with the giant ice cream cones kept on the floor.

All of the bakeries I visited are located at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I hope I have made you hungry enough to make a visit.

Until next time readers…

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One Response to Seattle Bakeries Adventure

  1. Joanne says:

    Molly Allen. I love your adventures. They make me smile. They make me hungry. And that’s how life should be lived. With good people and good food! 😀

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