Rants & Raves: why don’t restaurants make their own desserts?

Time after time I go to a restaurant, order a dessert, and upon ordering I ask the waiter or waitress the pressing question, “is this actually made here.” The number of times, which is almost every single time, that I get a “no” in returned is absurd. This begs the question: why the heck do restaurants refuse to make their own desserts?

My most recent experience, at the Starlight Dining Room in Ellensburg, was incredibly disappointing. The two options on the menu were a chocolate torte or New York cheesecake;I chose the torte. When I heard the inevitable “no, definitely not” in response to my question, I inquired who made this overly sweet creation. Once the waitress returned to my table, probably after looking at the box in the walk-in freezer, she told me it had been purchased by Sysco foods. A dessert from Sysco, the same company that delivered frozen corn dogs to my elementary school, was being served at a fairly expensive and eloquent dining venue.

So I ask you, readers, why in the world do restaurants do this? If you must order desserts rather than make them yourselves, at least order locally. Or, actually provide your customers with a better dining experience and let them finish their meal with a kitchen made dessert, rather than one made in a factory which is then boxed and kept frozen until you drizzle chocolate sauce over it.

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