Winegar’s Ice Cream and Coffee…purely local

What’s better than ice cream? Not too many things can compare. However, ice cream can get better when the product is entirely local. Winegar’s Dairy has been a prominent part of the Ellensburg community since 1949 when the Winegar family entered the dairy business. After years of producing milk and whipping cream, the Winegar family took a leap in 1992 and began planning and purchasing equipment to make quality ice cream for the Ellensburg community. The Winegar family purchased their first downtown location, at the corner of 7th Street and Main in 1996, and their second location in 2007.

Still producing ice cream locally, Winegar’s has continued to make a name for themselves in Ellensburg and throughout Kittitas County. Winegar’s has developed over 35 different flavors of ice cream over the years, switching the flavors they carry periodically. Seasonal flavors are also available in addition to their usual choices such as egg nog, pumpkin pie, and caramel apple. Each ice cream flavor is named after a family member, family friend, or location within Kittitas County.

Winegar’s icecream flavors are strong and incredibly tasty. During my last visit, I tried “Kaylasicle”, which was a creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with an orange syrup, very similar to the ever-popular Creamsicle. I also tried “Sundae Richelle”, named after the family member who developed Winegar’s first ice cream flavor. “Sundae Richelle” was absolutely decadent, consisting of smooth vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel and chocolate covered almonds. Winegar’s icecream seems to never fail to offer rich and creamy treats in an unbelievable number of flavors for the Ellensburg Community.

In addition to their tasty, locally made ice cream, Winegar’s also offers root beer floats, milkshakes, smoothies, baked goods, and coffee. The coffee served at Winegar’s is also produced locally, by Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company in Cle Elum, Washington. Both Winegar’s locations have a full service coffee bar offering coffee beverages, teas, and Italian sodas, among other things.

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