Treats in Ottawa

What’s better than visiting a big, beautiful city? Visit the  bakeries in the heart of the downtown market within the city. Yeah!

While in Canada, I traveled to Ottawa, a hub of Canadian history. Many of you may know, Canada’s Parliament Buildings are located in Ottawa. Yes, I toured through and took a peak of those incredible buildings, but I also explored a few bakeries I’d like to tell you about.

Ottawa is very close to Quebec, so the French influence throughout the city of incredible. I stumbled upon a bakery named Le Moulin De Provence. This place was huge; it was lined with display cases which were absolutely stock full of treats. Their pastries looked exquisite, and were incredibly inspiring. Oh yes, and the cookies. The cookies were plentiful and very, very pretty.

Next stop, only a few blocks from Le Provence, was the Cupcake Lounge, a sophisticated little shop stock full of wonderful cupcake flavor. Their front window display? Full of beautiful cupcakes. The cupcake lounge switches out flavors every day, but keeps a few classics on hand all the time. By the time I got there, late in the day, the choices were slim. I chose the classic Red Velvet, and sunk my teeth into something wonderful. The decorations on each cupcake are incredibly simple. They don’t need to be flashy, as the cupcake does all the work. Those things are moist, and fluffy, and just incredible! Props to you, Cupcake Lounge.

My next stop was an old bakery call Aux Delices. This spot had every sweet, baked good you could ever imagine. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, tarts, pastries, truffles, cannolis, ice cream, you name it! I tried a few truffles, one mint and one hazelnut, grabbed a cannoli and a peanut butter cookie and went on my merry way. I enjoyed every minute, and bite, of visiting this beautfiul bakery. Though it isn’t flashy, lined with decorations and things, it is classic, and it is really, very good.

For now, I am pleased to say my trip to Ottawa was incredibly sweet. The French influence really shows throughout the city, especially in the bakeries. Now, I’m off to bake a cake! Until next time…

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