Cupcake Art

No, the title of this post certainly does not suggest cupcake decorating, as it may seem. I wanted to share a few photos with you, of paintings and pumpkins, focusing on the beauty and fun of cupcakes!

Now, we all know how popular cupcakes have recently become. I don’t necessarily favor them over other wonderful baked goods, but I do find them delicious to eat and much more fun to decorate. Why do you think others find cupcakes so incredibly appealing? It seems to me, it may be because of their petite size, allowing for individual treats. Unfortunately, many of us find them so yummy that we rarely want to actually stop at just one, and if we do, it takes a bit of will power.

I personally love to decorate cupcakes far more than cakes. Cupcakes can be individual, and don’t have to be a part of something large. You can top them with so many different treats, icings, and fill them with different flavors, allowing an awful lot of variety.

Lately, as October is a month for pumpkin carving, my cupcake favoritism has been showing in my designs. One night, I decided to create a baking pumpkin, carving a cupcake, a rolling pin, a whisk, and the words ‘sweet!’ and ‘butter’ into my beautiful orange pumpkin.

Another night, during a flurry of carving, I decided to focus on one large cupcake, different from the first.

During this pumpkin carving time, my sister had been visiting my house, spreading her love of art throughout my home. As I had been in the baking spirit, she chose to paint me two pieces with cupcakes as the focus.

Now, you must understand that these photos certainly do not give these pieces justice, but you’re welcome to head over to  my sister’s website and check out her artwork. These cupcake paintings warmed my heart and my kitchen, showing just how fun cupcakes can be for everyone!

Now, I ask you, do you find cupcakes fun? More than pie, cake, or other delicious treats?


Check out this link for more cupcake fun:Food Trends: Cupcakes



Pumpkin carvings and photos by Molly Allen

Paintings by Emily Allen

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