A Sweet Trip To Yakima, Washington

Today, I was fortunate enough to visit three very unique bakeries in Yakima, Washington.

The first, located in the heart of downtown Yakima was the Essencia Bakery and Chocolaterie. This spot was a cute little cafe/sandwich shop/bakery, with so many divine choices! Essencia has so many great looking treats such as huge lemon bars, a variety of crossiant flavors, muffins, scones, cookies, cupcakes, breads, and pies. I decided to go for a few things that I had never tried before.

First, a treat of their own, the Cannala. This was, basically a tube of baked custard, similar to creme brulee. The outside was hard, caramelized with sugar, and filled with a sweet, rich custard. Simply delicious!

Second, my favorite treat, the Essencia Mini Flourless Cakes. No, I couldn’t tell you what these are made of..other than goodness. Essencia offers both double chocolate and espresso flavors; I chose espresso. These baby cakes are rich, flavorful, and completely covered in an incredible chocolate ganache.

Third, I chose a Triple Berry Scone. Yum! Usually scones aren’t that exciting to me, but this one could make me fall in love. With a mixture of Blueberries, Raspberries, and Cranberries, this scone was so full of flavor. It wasn’t dry or like a biscuit; it was soft, fluffy, moist, and sweet!

My second stop, definitely a place out of my element, was called La Morenita Bakery; a store and bakery combined, selling candy from Mexico, as well as traditional, authentic sweets and breads. The clerk in this bakery doesn’t grab the sweets for you, you simply pick up a pair of tongs and pull your choices out of the display case, or straight off of the baking sheets!

I chose a traditional treat, a Concha, which means shell. A Concha is a sweet-topped bread, often colored with vibrant sugar. The bread was a fluffy, flakey, yeast-based treat, with a crusted sugary topping.

Second, I tried something called a Banderia. This was an incredibly sweet, flakey pastry with a hard shell. The top was caramelized with sugar, making it ever sweeter!

Both of the items I tried from La Morenita were definitely delicious, and it was exciting to try some new, and nontraditional. Why don’t you try stepping out of your bakery comfort zone?

Lastly, I visited a new spot called Truly Scrumptious Cupcakery, which just opened less than a year ago in Yakima. TS Cupcakery is the first shop devoted to cupcakes in the Yakima area, and I was fortunate enough to try a few flavors and speak with the baker. I’ll be posting this review and informal interview within the next week. I can’t wait to tell you about this neat, new spot!

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