A Sweet Visit and Interview: Truly Scrumptious Cupcakery

Recently, I visited a new and upcoming cupcakery, called Truly Scrumptious. This spot is located in Yakima, on the popular Track 29 Tourist Attraction. Track 29, which opened in 1987, features a boardwalk stroll along many cute shops which are housed in old train cars, serving as a perfect spot for a sweet, cute, cupcakery!

After hunting for locations, the owners of Truly Scrumptious Cupcakery settled on Track 29, and it has proven to be a good choice. The decor is nothing but sweet, with vibrant colors and cupcakes (real and fake) all over the place.

Truly Scrumptious opened in December of 2010, and has been thriving ever since. According to the main baker, Mike Wharton, the family had already known how to run a business, after owning a paint company for several years. With the knowledge and talent already set for them, and the booming popularity of cupcakes, why wouldn’t they try their hand at something like this.

TS Cupcakery is family owned and operated. The Wharton’s daughters focus on decorating the cupcakes, and their son manages the finances. They have developed a countless number of new flavors, and continue to display popular choices every week. Basic cupcake flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet are always available in the shop. Other cupcake flavors include fruity choices such as banana cream, pineapple upside-down, and peaches and cream as well as chocolate-based flavors such as s’mores, chocolate caramel, and Butterfinger. For a full list of  delicious TS Cupcake flavors, visit here

When I visited, I tried one of their classic flavors, and also one of my favorites: red velvet.

The cupcake was incredibly moist, and certainly not crumbly. The flavor wasn’t incredibly strong, which was actually very nice. TS Cupcakery served up a very vibrant red cupcake, with subtle chocolate flavor, and topped it with a strong, tangy cream cheese icing. Just as it should be.

I also tried a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, which made the drive entirely worth it. The chocolate cupcake was rich, flavorful, simply divine. Paired with a subtle peanut butter icing, and topped with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, this cupcake was absolutely delicious.

TS Cupcakery is currently looking to expand and open a shop in Ellensburg, Washington. Based on my experience, with their moist, flavorful cupcakes and great presentation, I certainly think their cupcakery will be welcomed.

The Cupcakery offers mini, regular, and jumbo sized cupcakes, as well as a delivery option. They also take large orders for events such as birthdays, weddings, or any other celebration. You can find the Truly Scrumptious Cupcakery online here.

Truly Scrumptious was the first Cupcakery to open in Yakima, but now many others are catching on. For more information on Yakima Cupcakeries, visit here

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