Goodbye Triumphant, Teenage Years

Well, as of today, I have officially been 20 years old for one week.

It seems, that for some reason, a great deal of the birthday gifts I received this year were baking related. Go figure.

I want to share this sweetness with all of you. These gifts touched my heart,  as I know that many sure see that baking is my passion.

Recently, CakeSpy, who is a great inspiration to me, posted a beautiful piece of writing called Why Sweetness is Important.

CakeSpy wrote about the importance of embracing sweet treats, whether during a special event or just in every day life. Sweets are all around us, and many seem to deter from them. However, simply embracing the opportunity to eat a cookie, or share a piece of pie with a friend should never be passed by.

I am touched to find so many who view this blog, comment about how delicious my treats look, and how my family has embraced the drive I have to devote my life to creating and writing in the world of sweets.

That being said, please take the time to look at the beautiful gifts I received for my 20th birthday. I have officially blown past the teenage years, triumphant, I must add, and these gifts certainly allowed me to celebrate to the fullest.

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