50th Blog Post…Looking Onward!


I simply can’t contain my excitement. I am going to share some awesome news with you.

November 26th is NATIONAL CAKE DAY.

Now, I tend to want to celebrate the beauty that is cake..every…single…day. However, the 26th marks a day of celebration devoted to the comfort food we all (or the majority of us) know and love. I hope you’re as excited to celebrate as I am!

In other news, this is officially my 50th blog post, which I consider an accomplishment.

I had tried to start a detailed food blog, well, about 10 times before this one. I had always posted for a couple of days, then been too wrapped up in other things to even bother to type in the URL.

But no, not this time. After beginning my blog, watching it develop, and eventually purchasing my own domain, I am proud to now call myself a devoted food blogger.

Recently, my dad asked my what I plan to do with my blog. I told him, “well dad, I plan to continue writing posts as often as I can.” Why such a plain answer? Well, probably because I don’t have a clue.

I am an English student, minoring in Linguistics, and earning a Professional Writing Certificate. So, basically, I LOVE WORDS. And I like to bake. I don’t think there are many more satifying things in life than creating a dough or a batter, popping it in the oven, and taking out a completely transformed product. My friends, baking IS magic.

So here it is, a salute to myself, as I am proud that I have devoted myself to this online world. I will continue to write, and to add my words to the big heap of information that we call cyberspace, and maybe one day I will stand out from the crowd.

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