The Ellensburg Community Wide Cookie Swap…an Overview

First of all, a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the community wide cookie swap. YOU make everything I do worthwhile.

Though I had been nervous about the turn out, wondering if the event would fall into place, I think I can call it a success!

I appreciated the great mixture of treats everybody brought, the mixture of students and community members, the smiles, the conversations, and THE APPETITES!

I’d like to post the recipes individually over the next few weeks, paying a bit of tribute to all who participated. But for now, here’s a list of the treats we shared:

Ginger Crinkles by Erin

Bananas Foster Cupcakes by Sheena

Peppermint Brownies By Me

Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownies by Molly M

Peanut Butter Thumbprints by Kellie

Banana Bread by Erick

Soft Brown Sugar Cookies by Jordan

Coconut Macaroons by Emmy

Peppermint Cookie Truffles by Laci

Vanilla- Almond Rice Krispie Treats by Me

Chocolate Crinkles by Dana

No Bakes by Emily

Lemon Sables by Melissa

Butterfinger Blondies by Me

Sugar Cookies by Dana

Coconutty Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies by Me

Chocolate Chip Mint Spoons by Amy

Peanut Butter Balls by Dana

Macaroons with Chocolate Chips by Janet

Peanut Butter Reindeers by Kate and Meg

Coconut Cupcakes by Amy

Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kendra

Chocolate Cupcakes By Me

Again, thank you to all of those who came, ate, laughed, and fretted over how you’ll feel in the morning. I was thrilled to make such connections, meet new people with similar interests, and gather new ideas! Each and every one of you are incredibly talented and special.

Check back for the recipes!

Thanks for a SWEET evening!

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