Coconut Cupcakes by Amy

November 29th marked a bit of a debut for myself as a baker and blogger. I hosted a Community Wide Cookie Swap, open to students of my university and residents of my community. A group of 20 people gathered, bringing their great recipes, knowledge of baking, and appetites. During the event, I passed out a card with my blog address, and announced a promise that  I would be sharing all of the recipes within the next few weeks.

So, here they are! Starting with one of my favorites. This recipe was contributed by Amy, who spends her day decorating beautiful cakes. Her Coconut Cupcakes were topped with a rich cream cheese icing, which I could have probably eaten a tub of. These Coconut Cupcakes were fluffy and full of flavor, and kept their freshness for a few days. Thanks for sharing this delicious treat, Amy!

Coconut Cupcakes by Amy

1 Box White Cake Mix

3 Tbsp Coconut Extract

1 C Coconut, flaked

3 Egg Whites

7 Ounces of Water (just shy of a full cup)

½ C Oil

Mix cake mix, egg whites, water, extract, and oil. Fold in coconut and stir.

Spoon the mix into a cupcake or cake pan and follow the baking instructions on the box.

You are welcome to make these cupcakes by using your favorite white cake recipe. Just add the coconut extract and flaked coconut.

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