Brownies…It’s Time to Celebrate!

Brownies, in my opinion, are an essential dessert in our society. I could probably take them to every function or gathering I attend and not feel bad that I didn’t offer variety in my treats. Often, you even eat the whole pan and you don’t feel bad about it…they’re that good.

Now, many will consider Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Pie as the “All-American dessert” of their choice, but I certainly wouldn’t. Though the official origin of the decadent brownie we have all come to know and love is unknown, some sources do report that the first batch of Brownies was made in the United States.


Origin or not, today we are here to celebrate NATIONAL BROWNIE DAY! Yep, that’s right, a full day on December 8th of each year to bake and stuff your face with as many Brownies as you please. Your excuse? Well, you’re being festive and good-spirited. By this time of year, you’ve eaten 9 pieces of pie too many, and are just about to kick off the Christmas cookie creating. But while you’re in between, transition with a batch of brownies and a big glass of milk.

Try these brownie recipes:


Peppermint Brownies

And learn more about the history of brownies here.

And for brownie baking tips, check here.

Happy celebrating!

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One Response to Brownies…It’s Time to Celebrate!

  1. Misty says:

    i absolutely agree… And brownies, really, are pretty hard to mess up- which might be the best part about them!

    So glad you got your cookies, I hope they were in tact!

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