Ginger Crinkles by Erin

November 29th marked a bit of a debut for myself as a baker and blogger. I hosted a Community Wide Cookie Swap, open to students of my university and residents of my community. A group of 20 people gathered, bringing their great recipes, knowledge of baking, and appetites. During the event, I passed out a card with my blog address, and announced a promise that  I would be sharing all of the recipes within the next few weeks.

This is the third of a series of posts, focusing on Erin’s Ginger Crinkles. These cookies were soft and full of flavor. Thanks for sharing Erin!

Ginger Crinkles

2 1/4 C All Purpose Flour

2 Tsp Baking Soda

1/4 Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Ground Ginger

1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 C Brown Sugar

3/4 C Shortening or Oil

1/4 C Molasses

1 Egg

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Stir together the flour, soda, salt, ginger, and cinnamon, and brown sugar. Combine the shortening, molasses, and egg and beat well.  Add the shortening mixture to the dry mixture and beat well. Form 1 Inch balls. Roll each ball in sugar. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 10 minutes.

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