Mint Chocolate Chip Spoons by Amy

Here’s the next post in the collection of recipes contributed by the participants of the Ellensburg Community Wide Cookie Swap. These treats are absolutely wonderful when stirred in hot chocolate or coffee. Amy, who also contributed Coconut Cupcakes brought these individually wrapped, chocolate dipped spoons to share with the crowd!

Mint Chocolate Chip Spoons

1 Bag Mint Chips

3 Blocks Almond Bark

Spinkles and/or mini chocolate chips to garnish

In a microwave, double boiler, or small crock pot, melt the mint chips and almond bark, stirring often.

Dip spoons into the melted chocolate, then sprinkle with chocolate chips, sprinkles, or any other garnish. Rest the spoons on wax paper until cooled.

Thanks for contributing such sweet treats, Amy! Since we had leftovers, I took quite a few of these chocolate dipped spoons home. My mornings have been brighter ever since.

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