Vanilla-Mint Nougat Cookies

Looking for a bit of Christmas magic? These cookies are incredibly festive, and so simple and delicious! Using a basic cookie recipe as a base, I added my absolute favorite Christmas candy in the middle.

Every year, Brach’s Candy Company makes something called Christmas Nougats. These candies are soft, chewy, mint candies that, unfortunately, only come out during Christmas time. They are absolutely adorable with their white, red, and green Christmas tree center.

Now, I have harnessed the greatness of this candy, and baked it into a cookie. The flavor is mainly vanilla, but with a subtle mint flavor, with nougat in middle!

Vanilla-Mint Nougat Cookies

1/2 C Butter

1 C White Sugar

1 Egg

1/2 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

1 Tsp Pure Mint Extract( Add more if you would like)

1 C and 2 Tbsp Flour

1/2 Tsp Salt

1/2 Tsp Baking Soda

Brach’s Mint Nougat Candy- 1 for each cookie

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg, vanilla, and mint extract. Beat well. Combine the flour, salt, and baking soda. Gradually add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and beat to form a soft dough. Drop by heaping tablespoons full onto a greased cookie sheet. Place a Mint Nougat Candy in the middle of each cookie.

Bake for 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool on wire racks.

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One Response to Vanilla-Mint Nougat Cookies

  1. Louise says:

    They look GREAT, Molly! Thanks for sharing…I’m so sorry I haven’t been over to visit. I’m having a problem with my eye and the doctors say absolutely no computer. (I’ve been listening but today I just had to do some holiday visiting:)

    Your cookies look delicious!!! Thanks again for sharing. Happy Holidays to YOU!!!

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