Buhrmaster Baking Company

Buhrmaster Baking company, located in Selah, Washington, had been on my list for ages…until I finally made this visit.

Although I had heard absolutely nothing about the place, I knew it was a gem. I had driven the half an hour to Yakima many times, and tried to stop in at Buhrmaster on my way. Unfortunately, it failed every time. I would take the detour in to Selah, only to find out that I had missed the closing time by just a matter of minutes. Luckily, this time around, we made it with 5 minutes to spare! Just enough time to pick out some delicious treats and have a brief chat with the cashier.

First, and foremost, I got a red velvet cupcake. I had been hunting for one for months, and was lucky to find one here. Nobody in my town sells them! This absolutely fulfilled my dreams. A moist, chocolatey, velvety, red cupcake with a huge dollop of cream cheese frosting on top. Exactly how it should be. This was the perfect red velvet cupcake, nestled away in this cute, quaint little bakery. I was so pleasantly surprised.

Moving on from the cupcake case, I got a lemon turnover. Not your typical flavor, right? Generally bakeries carry raspberry, apple, or peach, but lemon certainly isn’t common! This thing was incredible. The pastry was so tasty! It was so flaky, and sweet. Then you took another bite and found the filling and oh…my…goodness. The filling was so smooth and tangy, with a ton of lemon flavor. My eyes seriously widened.

The last thing I tried, was absolutely unique and delicious. This treat was a mix between a chocolate cake and a brownie. Some were even covered in chocolate ganache. I certainly don’t know what to call it…other than very,very good! The outside is hard, just like the corner brownies in the pan, which are my favorite by the way. Once you dug in, you met a soft, sweet, chocolately middle.

Overall, Burhmaster Baking Company is delicious. They sell their goods at many farmer’s markets around Washington state, and all in a few grocery stores in Yakima, Washington. Go visit them. You definitely will not be sorry.

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