Dahlia Bakery

I really need to tell you about this bakery. I need to tell you about how good the cookies are. I need to tell you how sweet, flaky, and buttery the pastries are. Oh, and I need to tell you about how incredibly wonderful their mini coconut cream pie bites are. These little things are sweet, delicious pieces of art. The pastry crust, although it is only about the size of two fingers, is astonishing. You can certainly tell these little bites have been baked with a whole lot of love.

Dahlia Bakery is one of the many establishments owned by Tom Douglas. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He’s been on Iron Chef America, Emeril Live, and was once named Best Northwest Chef. He certainly knows what he’s doing.

During my most recent trip to Seattle, Washington I had the opportunity of visiting Dahlia Bakery several times. Each and every time, I was greeted by a new delicious item in the bakery case.

I ate plenty of Tom’s famous coconut cream pie, but I also tried a few other things. I ate one of the best chocolate cookies I have ever met. A soft, chewy chocolate cookie. This Chocolate Truffle cookie was decadent. It was flavorful. It was rich. Essentially, it was everything you could ever want in a chocolate cookie.

Another delicious treat I found was called the Almond Orange Hand Pie. It was an incredible pastry filled with almond and orange flavor. I can’t really describe how delicious this treat was. I think if you just look at it, you’ll probably be convinced.

If you’re ever in the Seattle area, and have the opportunity to visit Dahlia Bakery, you certainly shouldn’t pass that by. The array of items from pastries to cookies to pies, cupcakes, and even sandwiches is simply astounding. Tom Douglas, my props to you. You certainly know how to make a delicious treat.

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