I’m currently a college student, pursuing a degree in English and adding a Professional Writing Certificate on the side. I also devote a great deal of my time editing for                      Best Friends for Frosting, an online dessert magazine.

So, basically, I LOVE WORDS.

In addition to words, baking is my passion. I love every aspect of the art, from the preparation to the decorating. I don’t promise to show you something here that you have never seen before. I often take tried and true recipes and spice them up a bit. I aim to show you that baking isn’t necessarily a daunting activity. Rather, CAKEfyi is meant to bring fun, approachable baked goods to your kitchen.

 I started CAKEfyi because I wanted to blog. I wasn’t afraid of losing my recipes in some catastrophic event. I simply wanted to tell everybody about the delicious things I make and eat. I don’t tell you stories that go along with the treats I’m sharing. I won’t tell you about the day I locked my keys in the car and how that event somehow inspired me to make a peanut butter cupcake. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t happen that way. I share a new, exciting recipe with you each Monday in hopes that it will add a bit of sweetness and sparkle to your week. 

I look forward to any input you may have including comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

To get in touch with me, please visit my Contact Me page.

“When you taste something good, and ask what is in in, the answer is always BUTTER.”


4 Responses to About

  1. Leslie White says:

    Love This Molly! Great to hear you won a contest! Aunt Shirley was telling me. I will have to try out that recipe. Happy cooking!

  2. Wow your blog is amazing! I have had a blog for a while but just started posting all my recipes there and was looking for inspiration and found your blog.

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